Lucky mules!

January 2018 | Blog

Some very lucky mules will have a brand new home in 2018.  

Our Trim Wizard, Max, and some of his crew have been busy crafting some good-looking 2 ½” thick stall doors in our shop. Pics below show one of the doors as it progressed from stacks of wood to a complete and stained product. 

More of our crew members have been on site working on a wooden fence that sits on top of a concrete wall and surrounds the barn’s riding arena. The process involved carefully drilled holes for the bolts, restaining after drilling the holes and lasering in the control line for the rail elevations. Tedious? A bit. Satisfying? Definitely. The end result – an impressive fence and this project that much closer to the finish line.

neatly stacked pile of 2x4s barn door frame that is hollow in the middle
close-up of the hinges being put together on a barn door construction worker sanding down a barn door
a complete barn door with no stain on it a completed dark wood barn door stained
construction worker assembling wooden pillars the interior of a very large incomplete barn
a view (longways) of an incomplete barn with wooden fence the interior of a very large plain barn
construction workers standing against a fence inside of a barn