Coeur d'Alene Magazine: Fire & Water - Old-World Elegance Meets Lakefront Bliss

May 2014 | Press

Story by David Kilmer
Photos by Joel Riner & Dustin Weed

NOTE: Edwards Smith was featured in the Summer/Fall 2014 edition of the CDA Magazine. The article features a number of striking images, illustrating the unparalleled master craftsmanship that is Edwards Smith.

There is a certain light on Lake Coeur d’Alene that lingers long on a summer evening, soft gold reflected from mirror-smooth water and deep blue Idaho sky.

And if one is in the right place at just the right time, the effect is pure magic.

Such is the feeling when sitting fireside in Mica Bay at the incredible new lake home built by Ed and Kristianna Mylett.

As evening deepens, the light reflects on copper highlights and flames dance all along the property from fire pits to the It’s a stunning effect.

“This is our favorite place in the whole world,” Kristianna muses with a contented sigh. 

It’s easy to see why.

Here, the couple has created a timeless home that embraces lake living to full advantage, and showcases the talents of some of Idaho’s best. As the light fades and the fires blaze, one might gaze in wonder and reflect on what it truly takes to create something of this magnitude.

Growing up, Ed Mylett always wanted to do something special. That drive led to a baseball career, cut short by injury, and then to financial services, where he found he had a knack for connecting with others and helping them reach their life’s goals.

Today, he is a leading business coach and motivational speaker. He and Kristianna, who were teenage sweethearts, have worked extremely hard to become self-made millionaires, and Ed now shares that vision with others.

They came to Idaho for the scenery, the golf, the water, and to raise their two children in a more safe and sane environment than the one they came from in California. “There are more real people here who value your character and the way you live your life more than the kind of car you drive,” Ed says. “I like driving my truck here. Here, our kids have a better shot of coming out of childhood happily.”

They moved into Black Rock Golf Club initially. But on boat trips around the lake, they found themselves eyeballing various lakefront properties and asking, “What if…?”

The protected cove they picked, on one of Lake Coeur d’Alene’s western reaches, was spectacular – but not just any home would have fit here. A small cabin was the only existing structure.

This home plays at contrasts with graceful ease. It provides privacy, yet embraces the lakefront lifestyle wholeheartedly.

Every room feels like a piece of art, as visitors often observe, yet it’s supremely comfortable. “We wanted a legacy home that would work long term, but also be ideal for the kids now,” says Ed. “I think it will pass the test of time.” He grew up playing on the summer shores of New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee. “It was always a dream to have my own lake place someday,” he says. “I never knew it would be to this extent.”

Here on Lake Coeur d’Alene’s placid shores, their children can spend time outdoors, fishing, boating and just being kids. “It’s a better way of life,” Ed says. “Here, we know our neighbors across the lake better than the people we lived our whole lives next to in the city.”

“From our bedroom, we can hear waves crashing at night, or listen to the sound of the rain,” Kristianna says. “It’s peaceful, just so peaceful. I think you live a lot longer this way.”

See more photos here.

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