Hayden Lake Country Club Refresh

After pockets of remodels here and there over the years, the Hayden Lake Country Club decided it was time to upgrade the entire facility and create a more cohesive look. Edwards Smith Construction – in partnership with Gregory Carmichael Interior Design – was hired to complete an interior refresh of this 100+-year-old building. As you might imagine, many discoveries were made along the way and we were pleased to ensure the building now meets current operational standards.

A few of the standout features grabbing the members’ attention include a 10-foot tall x 10-inch wide barn door separating two reception areas that allows for both multi and expanded use, and traditional paneling in the dining room featuring Swiss chalet-style detail – based on the discovery of some original balusters on site that our Trim Wizard (a.k.a. Max Martin) incorporated into a charming gingerbread motif. Timber accents add to the design continuity that now flows throughout the building.

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