HGTV Blog Cabin 2015

One day we were builders, the next – supporting cast for The DIY Network Blog Cabin™ 2015. Designer and Build Manager for DIY Network, Dylan Eastman, contacted us after researching the local industry. He needed a builder with a stellar reputation, a proven track record working in adverse conditions, the staying power to be there through the demanding winter schedule and the integrity to handle any warranty work after the home was complete. What we didn’t fully understand when we agreed to the project was the number of shows involved including Kitchen Crashers, Yard Crashers, Bath Crashers, etc. In addition to building the project, we were working with five different producers and a variety of casts and filming crews, who were all working under tight time frames. In order to meet their deadlines, requests often arrived at the 11th hour. In the end, the project turned out great and we were pleased to help Mr. Eastman and DIY Network achieve their goals.

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