North Idaho Business Journal: Edwards Smith Construction - Where Value and Quality Meet

North Idaho Business Journal: Edwards Smith Construction - Where Value and Quality Meet

December 2015 | Press

When in search of something beyond the norm, clients often turn to Edwards Smith Construction. “Let us be your standard for comparison,” says Principal Andy Smith. “We bring a level of knowledge to the discussion that helps guide and counsel commercial and residential clients on the multitude of options available to them.” The result, he says, is a space that meets both their short and long-term goals. 

Smith believes the quality of an Edwards Smith home or commercial building speaks for itself. He encourages clients to put on their blinders when it comes to the bling and really look at how they are put together. “From foundation to finish, there’s a difference that’s palpable.”

According to Smith, his company strives to ensure the client gets the best value at whatever level – good, better or best – the client desires. In terms of commercial construction, “the goal is to strike a balance between our understanding of construction and the client’s needs, from how the building will be used to how long the client plans to be there.” Recognizing and acting on opportunities for cost savings is a fundamental part of Edward Smith’s decision-making and performance throughout the project. “We manage your resources as if they were our own,” says Smith. This commitment to act in the client’s best interest, he says, ensures superior quality and service for the best value.

 Having recently obtained Passive House builder certification, Smith is pleased to bring this innovation to the area. The company is the first and only builder in North Idaho designated a Passive House Institute US or PHIUS Certified Builder℠.  The PHIUS standards are not just for houses, says Smith, who suggested Passive Construction Institute might be a more applicable name.

“From a commercial viewpoint,” says Smith, “the year-after-year operational cost savings of a passive building are significant.” Architect Sam Rodell agrees. He is the architect behind the passive-designed Sunshine Terrace Boarding Home in Spokane Valley, WA. Sunshine Terrace saves over $120,000 annually in energy bills. This represents an eighty to ninety percent reduction in energy costs for heating and cooling, which is typical of buildings designed to meet the rigorous standards promoted by PHIUS. When your goals are superior human comfort AND extreme energy savings, says Smith, passive building makes sense.

Edwards Smith Construction is headed by Jim Edwards who started the company in 1994 and Smith who joined in 1997 and became a partner in 2008. The two owners have over 60 years combined experience in residential and commercial building and remodeling.

“In a world where truth and honesty are becoming harder to find,” says Smith, “authenticity is what sets us apart. We tell the truth and work hard. We do what we say we‘re going to do.”

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