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July 2017 | Audio

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Achieving a Good Reputation in Negative Reputation Industry with Andy Smith of Edwards Smith Construction

Andy Smith had run the gamut in his construction career, from a wet-behind-the-ears laborer to a superintendent running multiple crews.

He’d worked a number of loosely operated jobs, too, and became disenchanted with the industry.

“I was freezing my tail off for free on a Sunday,” Smith said of a morning 20 years ago. “If this was what construction was all about, I should look for something else.”

But before Smith could hang up his hammer, he was hired by respected general contractor Jim Edwards.

This was a legitimate outfit that let its employees prove their worth, Smith getting his first crack at overseeing the construction of a house in Twin Lakes.

Smith didn’t disappoint and partnered with Edwards in 2008. Edwards Smith Construction is in charge of some of the biggest, most high-profile jobs and luxury homes in the area.

In a trade rife with corner-cutters, Smith values honesty and authenticity as much as a job well-done.

“These homes are one and done. It’s a one-shot deal,” said Smith. “We really want to make sure when we see a client in a grocery store five years from now, they give me a hug and say that every day they understand the value we brought to them.”

Smith, one of the region’s leaders in the construction of energy efficient passive homes, sat down with Coeur d’Alene Advice Givers’ Cole Turnbull to talk about his meandering path to success.

Unfortunately, the podcast is no longer available online. Below are some of the topics covered during the show.

Time Stamped Show Notes – Andy Smith of Edwards Smith Construction

1:30: Cole introduces Andy Smith, who gets into his background and his circuitous route to North Idaho.

7:00: Smith talks about his earlier days as a laborer, trial and error and some of the flimsy jobs he had.

13:10: Smith recalls being burnt out before teaming up with Jim Edwards.

16:35: Passive homes, known for their comfort and energy efficiency, are Smith’s specialty. How his company became passive certified.

27:00: Smith talks about the passive homes system and how it leads to lower utility bills.

35:00: Cole asks Smith a series of quick-hitter questions.

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