Rathdrum Remodel and Lake

December 2017 | Video

During a construction meeting one beautiful fall day, as the remodel was nearing completion, the clients and Edwards Smith Principal Andy Smith were standing on the home’s new deck appreciating the vast meadow before them. Someone made the comment that it sure looked like there should be a lake out there. Some of our clients buy lakefront property. One built their own. 

In the end, we teamed up with the landscape division of Architects West for the design, a crew from Land Expressions for the installation and various consultants and engineers to create a 5-acre lake holding 25-million gallons of water. Before the project was complete, Mother Nature was claiming it as her own. Today, the eagles grab large fish from the lake, elk swim across to graze on a man-made island and ducks and geese find it a suitable landing pad after a long-day’s journey.

After the video, see more photos here.

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