Spokane River Remodel

Tucked away in the peaceful heart of northern Idaho, a home with stunning views over the Spokane River went through an incredible makeover, blending top-notch craftsmanship with sleek design to become a true icon of style and coziness. This major revamp, carried out with great care and a keen eye for detail, breathed new life into every nook and cranny, transforming what was once just a holiday getaway into a haven of sophisticated living. Together with the creative minds at Maison, Inc., a vision was born that would encapsulate just that.

At the heart of this transformation was the kitchen, now sporting ebony-stained oak and sleek black granite, creating a backdrop of bold elegance that spills over into every living area. High ceilings and an eye-catching fireplace stand out against the backdrop of comfy, plush furniture, making it the perfect spot for hosting or just kicking back and relaxing.

The magic extends outside, too, where the garden has been tiered into versatile outdoor spaces, complete with a snug patio, an al fresco kitchen, and cozy fire spots, all thoughtfully designed to blend with the tranquil riverside vibes.

This endeavor showcases just how much expert craftsmanship can change a space, combining practical design with aesthetic finesse to turn the home into a lasting symbol of beauty and warmth, truly reflecting the spirit of its beautiful surroundings.

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