What others are saying

“We were very lucky to have you available when we started our home. Fourteen years later and we’re still grateful.” 

David Bertschi and Emmy Michaelsen

"In over thirty years of practice as an architect, I have never worked with a more qualified, capable, and committed team than Edwards Smith."

Sam Rodell, Sam Rodell Architects AIA

"The quality of the construction is superior and the spirit in which your team helped us build our dream home was truly heartwarming. The way you organized the entire project from the first survey stake to when you handed us the key to the front door was so well done that the project never gave us one moment of concern but instead was an absolute joy."

Jack and Camie Beebe

"As I talk to friends about some of the difficulties they have had with builders I just smile thinking how lucky we were to have worked with you, and thankful for the cooperation and collaboration that existed on our project."

David and Joy Weiner

"The craftsmanship of your team is unequivocally the finest we have ever seen anywhere. We asked your team to do things they’d not done before. Not only did they do it, they did it better than anyone else."

Cheryl Shields